Kingsford Smith Mail Run

Gascoyne Junction to Meekatharra

Follow in the wheel ruts of transport pioneer Charles Kingsford Smith along the Kingsford Smith Mail Run. Smithy, as he was known, once trundled along this very route on his mail run from Carnarvon east to Meekatharra, via Gascoyne Junction.

You'll discover much about Kingsford Smith along the way - and some of his larrikin antics. You'll also learn much about early transport and communication.

The Kingsford Smith Mail Run also includes the geological wonder, Mount Augustus. This massive mount soars 715m above the surrounding plain and is rich in Aboriginal history. The Outback Pathways signage will reveal dreamtime stories about the mount and also tell you about early European history here.

The Kingsford Smith Mail Run visits the townships of Carnarvon, Gascoyne Junction and Meekatharra. You can access the Miners Pathways from the Kingsford Smith Mail Run at Meekatharra and the Wool Wagon Pathway at Gascoyne Junction. For more information on the Wool Wagon Pathway purchase your copy of the Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways Guidebook.

3 Day Self Drive Kingsford Smith Mail Run Itinerary

Take the 4WD and grab the camping gear to head north via the original Overland Mail Run to magnificent Mt Augustus.

Day 1: Carnarvon - Mount Augustus - 451km, 5 hours

From the port town of Carnarvon head east through pastoral land to Gascoyne Junction, where massive cattle stations dot the landscape. Travel on to Mt Augustus, a massive monolith twice the size of Ayers Rock. Stop by the original Kingsford Smith Mail Run stops of Cobra Homestead and Bangemall Inn. Arrive at Mt Augustus in time to watch the sun sink over the 1,750 million year old granite formation.

Accommodation options: Station stay, caravan park, backpackers, camping

Day 1 extended itinerary: Carnarvon - Gascoyne Junction - 177kms, 2 hours.

From the port town of Carnarvon head east through pastoral land to Gascoyne Junction, where massive cattle stations dot the landscape. Overnight at the brand new Gascoyne Junction Tourist Park and take a day trip up to Kennedy Range Nation Park, located just 86kms North of town. Experience the Ranges stunning cliffs and canyons running nearly 75kms in a north-south direction. The next day, travel back on the Kingsford Smith Mail Run to Mount Augustus.

Accommodation options: Caravan Park, motel units, or camping at Kennedy Range National Park.

Day 2: Mount Augustus - Mt Gould - 227km, 2.5 hours

Spend some time exploring the rock formations, caves and aboriginal art scattered throughout the area. Wildflowers, wildlife, swimming, fishing and picnic spots make this a true outback adventure destination. Depart Mt Augustus, head south for Gascoyne River at Landor and its famous races. Follow the current mail route via Mt Gould to the Mt Gould Lock Up.

Accommodation options: Camping under the night sky

Day 3: Mt Gould - Meekatharra - 156km, 2 hours

Journey south through the vast, timeless landscape, to the gold mining town of Meekatharra and take the Meeka Rangelands Discovery Walk Trail. Rocky outcrops, wildlife and wildflowers bring the town to life.

Accommodation options: Caravan Park, hotel/motel.

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