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Station Stays

While travelling the Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways you will drive through a lot of beautiful station country. Many of these stations offer tourism experiences for visitors. Station Stays give you insight into true outback life and are a unique kind of accommodation; many station owners open their homes to visitors and encourage you to 'make yourself at home' during your stay. You may find it difficult to leave after comfortably settling into your new 'home away from home'.

Station dwellings in the Gascoyne Murchison region hold much historical significance with some homesteads in the area dating back to the late 1880's when they were first constructed. Visit the stations that offer tourism experiences and learn about life back when the stations in the Gascoyne Murchison were first settled. You'll also gain fascinating insight into how many pastoralists are choosing to run their stations today.

Many Station Stays offer homestead, self-contained or camping accommodation. Even if you don't want to stay overnight many Station Stays offer day-trip activities such as self-drive tours, 4wd tracks, self-guided walks, guided bus, car and quad bike tours and much more.

To find out more about Station Stays accessible via the Gascoyne Murchison Outback Pathways visit the Places to Stay page on this website.

Wooleen Homestead

Places to Stay

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