Wooleen Station

Type of Accommodation:
Hosted Homestead Stays,
Self-contained Guesthouses,
Camping/Caravaning Grounds

Price Range:
$30 - $439

Telephone: 08 9963 7973

Website: www.wooleen.com.au
Email: info@wooleen.com.au

Wooleen Homestead

Accommodation overview
In the heart of the dramatic Murchison region, Wooleen Station represents the very heart and soul of Australia's outback.

Covering half a million acres of picturesque rangelands, Woolen station is a cattle station that is playing a leading role in preserving and sustaining the unique ecology of the region.

Listed by the Australian National Trust, Wooleen Homestead offers a luxurious way to experience the Australian outback.

In Spring, the land comes to life with a multitude of wildflowers. The Murchison River runs through the Station, only a short drive from the Homestead.

Wooleen's nature-based station stay offers a multitude of experiences, from colonial and Aboriginal heritage tourism to nature based tours.

The vegetation and the quality of the land make the Wooleen property one of the finest stations in Australia. This is a new kind of holiday. If you are interested in ecology and the culture of the Australian bush then Wooleen is the place for you.

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